Each Custom Funko is a 1/1 Limited Edition Exclusive; there is only one of each character ever made. Each box also contains a Mystery Crypto Wallet. Our Custom Funkos are available only from The Gold Panda Club Gift Shop and secondary markets such as eBay.


Perfect Pandas are the new exciting sub-brand of Gold Panda Club. You can read all about Perfect Pandas in our Discord, see more on the amazing media and products coming soon, plus view the new video trailer for the upcoming animated series.




The 1st Edition Pandas were the first to arrive. How long ago, no-one can be sure as there are no written records, but they’ve lived comfortably in the tropical surrounding of their island for a very long time. Later, the Pandas on the 2nd island appeared. They have since settled on their island and sometimes even socialize with their 1st Edition neighbors. The two islands have enjoyed passive co-existence with little drama or change, until now.


Pandas are friendly, playful and adventurous, always looking for something to occupy them on their islands, and even occasionally venturing into the ocean. Pandas are naturally competitive, and so, long ago The Arcade was set up for them to play and compete for Coin and prizes.

The Map

The island on the top left of the map is the 1st island, home to 1st Edition Pandas. The 2nd Island on the top right is where 2nd Edition Pandas live. On the bottom right is the mysterious 3rd Island featuring a Gold Portal, but currently no Pandas. Then the bottom left of the map is covered in thick cloud and smoke. What is underneath? That is a mystery!

Gold Panda Coin

All Pandas automatically produce Gold Panda Coin (GPC) each day. GPC can be exchanged for other currencies or used to purchase exclusive items and very special Pandas in The Gift Shop. There are also plans to extend the utility of the Coin.

Gold Pandas

Gold Pandas are the most special and rarest of all Pandas. Each island only has one Gold Panda. This means, the 1st Island has just one Gold 1st Edition Panda. All Gold Pandas on all islands produce the same amount of coin. Gold Panda Coin daily generation = 1,000

1st Island Pandas

1st Edition Pandas are the oldest, inhabiting the islands before any other Pandas. How long ago they first arrived, we can’t be sure, but they’re so old that they’re covered entirely in diamonds. Gold Panda Coin daily generation = 100

2nd Island Pandas

Pandas from the 2nd Island are not as old as the 1st Edition Pandas. There are also a lot more of them, so can be considered more common. Gold Panda Coin daily generation = 20

3rd Island Pandas

Some of the 1st Edition Pandas talk of a mysterious gold portal located on the 3rd Island, prophesized to allow Pandas from different areas of space and time through. The gold portal has been flickering at a gradually increasing rate for a while, making some of the Pandas think the prophecy could soon be proven true. Gold Panda Coin daily generation = 20

Thick Smoke And Cloud

Even the 1st Edition Pandas don’t remember a time when smoke didn’t bellow over this area. Nothing has ever been seen underneath, so it remains a mystery, but some brave Pandas venturing far into the water close to the island report of distant rumblings. On return these stories are often dismissed as delusions by other Pandas. Panda Coin daily generation = 20

The Gift Shop

The Gift Shop sells exclusive NFT items and Pandas. Some NFTs are very rare, others are more common. What is for sale in the Shop changes regularly, so make sure to keep an eye on it each day. All purchases are made with Gold Panda Coin only.

The Gold Panda Club brand already has five NFT collections, a physical GPC Customs range, and a lot more coming soon. We are growing incredibly quickly, so you can expect to see a lot of new amazing additions and expansions in 2023! The best place to stay up to date is within our Discord, where we normally reveal and release updates before anywhere else.

The Arcade

Open only for Panda members, this is where the fun happens! Win NFT prizes and Gold Panda Coin for taking part in and winning games. The Arcade is the most fun you’ve had online in a long time!

Each Panda is a unique work of art, hand made by our team of artists. Our NFTs are not designed at random from a list of variables, using an algorithm, like you will find with the majority of other NFT collections. We believe that each individual Gold Panda Club NFT is a work of art to be treasured.


Gold Panda Club x Brands / Celebrities have started to be announced, and lots more are coming soon. The first of these made public is with BAYC NFTs. Full details can be found in our Discord. We have a number of other very exciting collaborations planned with high profile brands and individuals, that will achieve huge global reach, and greatly increase awareness of the GPC brand.


Phase 1 (Complete)

Generously rewarding our earliest community members with giveaways and the minting of our special 1st Edition Pandas.

Phase 2 (Complete)

Pandas from the 2nd Island are minted, increasing the total population of Pandas and welcoming more members into the Gold Panda Club.

Phase 3 (Complete)

All minted Pandas start to generate Gold Panda Coin each day.

Phase 4 (Complete)

The Gift Shop opens! Gold Panda Coin can be exchanged for special NFT items and Pandas.

Phase 5 (Complete)

Panda holders receive complimentary scheduled airdrops. Surprise airdrops can also happen at any time.

Phase 6 (Complete)

The one way portal on the 3rd Island has been flickering at an increasing rate for a long time. The prophecy says that it will allow Pandas from different time and space through the portal on to the 3rd Island. Perhaps the prophecy was true after all.

Phase 7 (Complete)

Thick smoke and cloud have covered part of the Panda's archipelago since before the 1st Edition Pandas arrived. Someday the thick cloud and smoke will eventually clear and reveal all. What could be underneath?

Phase 8 (In Process)

Launch of GPC Customs and our incredibly special physical collectibles. The first of these are our GPC Custom Funko Pop! figures. There may also be more collectible types coming soon.

Phase 9 (In Process)

Perfect Pandas, our new media sub-brand is launched, increasing awareness significantly for Gold Panda Club, by creating varied original media, entertainment and physical products and collectibles.

Phase 10

The Arcade goes live, allowing members to play games to win Coin and prizes.


Phases 1-10 represent just the very beginning for Gold Panda Club, building the foundations of the brand and cultivating a core community. There are incredible long term plans to further increase brand awareness and reward the loyalty of our members even more.

Gold Panda Coin will also receive further utility with exciting planned developments, adding additional value and usage to the Coin.

We plan for Gold Panda Club to become a globally recognized franchise. The 1st Edition Panda launch is just the very, very beginning.

Thank you all so much for being here from the very beginning of this incredible journey.

Project Lead

Carl Silverstone has directed multiple companies, projects and hundreds of large events. He will manage and oversee the brand, focusing on delivering the Road Map as swiftly and seamlessly as possible.

Twitter: silverstonecarl

GPC Team

The Gold Panda Club team is a collection of extremely talented and dedicated artists, designers, developers, IT and admin personnel. All team members are an integral part of the Gold Panda Club family. Many of the team have other commitments outside of GPC, so cannot be publicly named at this stage.


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